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Modern crafts made with love

Lotte's Papery is a story about loving what we do. And the best way to convey the warmth of our hearts is through our touch, which shapes all the products that end up on our shelves to find their way to you. In every engraved stamp you use to create your dream invitations, in every leather photo album you fill with your most beautiful memories, in every notebook where you collect your dreams and goals, in every card we create right here in a bright corner of the workshop so you can give it to your loved ones. And in the middle of it all is Lotte, who accompanies us every step of the way, embodying all that is good and important in life.


Lotte's Papers creator and manager. Lotte's Papery creator and manager. Usually can be found in random corners of Lotte's workshop, brainstorming about new products, creating leather things or embossing cards and on the best days - talking to shop's visitors. Liene believes in fundamental, real things, and honest, straight attitude towards yourself and those surrounding you.


Leather craftswoman that has spent her entire life working with the biggest passion and energy while acquiring knowledge and skills that match no one else's. Her rough but kind hands touch every leather product that you see in Lotte's Papery shelves. Ilze's eyes spark with laughter, joy of life and care for those that are family. And something in her reminds us of Meryl Streep.


Shop's heart and soul with the most beautiful curls (every day is a good hair day for her!), she follows every order and product, making sure that nothing slips by unnoticed. She greets you warmly when you enter our shop, and replies to your messages. She is a kick ass digital sketcher, and we are proud to include her drawings as a part of our latest paper design collections. And while Ilona loves cats, Lotte will always have a special place in her heart. And vice versa.


Our design guru with the most aesthetic taste and love for beautiful things. Her pictures make the roughness of the leather come alive and you breathe in the smell of vintage paper. And she adds magic to everything creative - starting from the idea of a sketch, to most beautiful greeting cards, as well as helps make your wedding invitations a real dream come true!


We are proud that our company is almost like a second family, and Rūta is already the second generation that is complementing our team. Rūta's energy and kindness radiates everyday work through her hands, which skillfully create leather and paper products. Rūta is multi multi-talented person that practices her chef's skills by spoiling us with treats on all occasions.


The smallest and most amusing member of our team that serves as inspiration for everything we do. A real friend that is most loyal. Loves to curl up under a warm blanket on the chilly evenings of Latvia's winter, and always finds the sunniest spot in the room to warm up. Everyone that is having lunch in our workshop's kitchen, is inevitably accompanied by her - like it or not. Sometimes she gives a loud bark if the doors of our shop swing open louder than usual, but she can be quickly bribed with a bell pepper or sausage, making your friend FOREVER. Our everyday companion and friend, that follows our every footstep.